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We review some of the best online slot games right here at and we’re always on the lookout for more slot games with even wilder and more imaginative layouts plus crazy backstories and themes. We don’t like everything we come across however and it’s common for us to find many faults with different types of online slots that we review. We set the bar high with knowing what we like and don’t like and if a game doesn’t reach a certain standard then we won’t mask that fact when giving you our verdict. For our readers based in South Africa you can learn more about the free online slots to play online from this link which includes all games from BetSoft. BetSoft is a prominent feature in SA casinos so enjoy the free slots online before you register to any casino. Every now and again we like to take a look at software developers that we feel deserve recognition for the games they produce. One of our top choices of software developers, especially for online slots, is industry veterans Betsoft. They produce slick games with dynamic graphics and titles that are literally bursting with special features. We love their online portfolio so much that we decided to take a look at Betsoft in closer detail and also review a few of their free slots online to see what all the fuss is about.

About Betsoft Gaming

Betsoft is one of the premier software developers in the online gambling industry to date. Founded around the year 2000, they started off life as a subsidiary of a company known as Casino 1x2. Fast forward to the present day and their catalog of online games boasts around 40+ high-quality titles. For a long time, they have been considered as the tip of the spear when it comes to online slot innovation, not least for the next generation 3D graphics that they inject into every title they produce in the award-winning Slots3™ range of online games. Around 2012 we saw Betsoft make a major move into the mobile gaming arena with their mobile platform called ToGo™.

The company is most famous for producing a whole series of online video slots that they call Slots3™. This particular line combines intense 3D graphics alongside incendiary gameplay to produce what are arguably some of the best online video slots on the market to date. Next up they made an online slot series called Slots3™ Arcade, which were designed to be faster and more explosive in terms of gameplay. They followed this all up with a series titled Slots3™ Interactive, which were designed to be more like video games, giving players more options and actual storylines. These went on to be some of the most played slot games at online casinos worldwide. If you wish to play some for yourself then the games are over at

Betsoft Online Slot Reviews

The geniuses over at Betsoft HQ make some of the most fun and challenging slot games currently available at an online casino. When deciding what games to review for this feature article, we came across a few of their games that the team here at particularly loves. We feel these particular titles represent the high standard of online slot games that we’ve been talking about previously in this article. Firstly we chose a slot called ‘At the Copa’ which has a ‘Copa Cabana’ style theme and is all glitz and glamour. The next game we chose to feature is the sci-fi-themed Came from Venus’. This game has great graphics and a fun story behind it, which is why it’s become a firm favorite of our review team.

‘At the Copa’ by Betsoft

The first of our Betsoft slot reviews will be an online slot called ‘At the Copa’. It draws its main inspirations from live cabaret shows and also TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing with the Stars. You get a big Latin vibe from this game and the slick 3D graphics really bring all of the in-game features to life. It’s quite a fast-paced game for the most part, mixing great special features tied into the game itself such as wilds and scatters with multiple win possibilities across the reels. The possibility of landing a huge jackpot is also prevalent as this slot is tied into Betsoft’s own progressive jackpot network. With a mix of excellent themes and features, our review goes into more depth about the game itself.

‘It Came from Venus’ by Betsoft

The second online title that we chose from Betsoft’s games catalog is ‘It Came from Venus’. This particular offering has an awesome mix of old school comedy, sci-fi, and horror, drawing inspiration from the famous film ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ and transplanting its infamous main character, the giant Venus flytrap called Audrey 2, into a deep south redneck setting. Again we’re treated to lush 3D graphics and a superior brand of online entertainment. The theme is hilarious and you’ll find yourself chuckling away as you play this game. All the features and bonuses are tied into the same theme and in the same way, as all their other online slots, they are cleverly named and designed to match the game itself. Read our review to get the low down!

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