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At we’re all about reviewing the most awesome online slot games. We like to bring you the best of the best, the crème de la crème when it comes to online slot offerings and as we’ve proved in the past, we can be merciless if the game that we review doesn’t live up to our incredibly tough reviewing process. We like to think we have high standards and have set the benchmark for online slot reviews since our very inception. Now it has to be said that one of our most favorite online slot developers would have to be industry giants Playtech. They make really fun games with huge special features and great graphics. We simply adore their current gaming catalog so we decided to give you some background info about them and some of the wonderful games they produce. Before we dive in just a few words for Canadian players, you can head to the link for online casino games to bypass the developers that don't serve in Canadian casinos.

About Playtech

Playtech is one of the world’s largest developers of online casino games and software. Founded in 1999 and still based in the Isle of Man to this day, they have many years’ experience in the field and regularly release new online slot games as part of their yearly production schedule. As it stands they currently offer a whopping 500 online casino games and pledge to release around 50 new games each year. They secured many exclusive licensing deals which means they can offer branded slots developed in conjunction with some really famous brand names. Some of these include Marvel Comics, HBO, and MGM.

They offer an extensive selection of online slots in their current portfolio but the most popular would definitely have to be their Marvel Comics online slot games. There are loads to choose from including Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Blade, multiple Iron Man slot variants, and The Avengers. All the aforementioned slots are jam-packed with incredible features and gameplay options which at the same time give you the chance to win one of four huge progressive jackpots! The progressive jackpots that are offered on all their games are some of the biggest jackpots available in the business and you can expect to see them breach the $4 million mark fairly easily every time.

Playtech Online Slot Reviews

The Brainiac’s at Playtech create some of the best online slot games out on the market. We thought we’d share with you our experience of the Playtech slot games we love to play so we chose a few that we thought nicely represented what Playtech is all about and reviewed them for you our faithful audience. The titles we’ve chosen to feature are ‘Fantastic Four’, which is a Marvel Comics branded online slot title, Blade, which also follows the same branded slot feel as other Marvel titles plus ‘A Night Out’, which is one of Playtech’s online slots games that features a theme and story developed by the company themselves. We felt it represents both sides of the coin, showing both how they enhance an existing brand and also how well they create new and exciting ones based on a totally original and captivating theme.

‘Fantastic Four Online Slot’ by Playtech

Our first of our very special Playtech online slot reviews, Fantastic Four is a Marvel Comics branded slot from Playtech that features all your favorite characters straight out of the mega popular comic book series. It’s a very fast-paced and dynamic slot title that’s bursting with tonnes of special features, exciting bonuses and is linked to the absolutely massive Playtech Marvel progressive jackpot network. This is the kind of online slot that really showcases what a company can do when given the rights by big names to produce branded slots, using literally every idea and feature they can from the subject matter, then injecting it into a game that delivers the highest quality experience from start to finish.

‘Blade’ by Playtech

Blade is another branded online slot game from Playtech that features the iconic vampire slaying comic book hero in all his badass vigilante glory. This is a very dark-tinged online slot in comparison to say Fantastic Four or other Marvel slots simply because of the subject matter. It combines the original sass of the comic book series with a healthy dose of classic horror, mixed together with some of Playtech’s special brand slot sauce. In the same way that Fantastic Four showcases the depth of Playtech’s capabilities, this slot does the job equally as well, but, from a totally different thematic angle. For us, this means they really have a good grasp on what makes an exciting online slot and also how to adapt an already popular brand or story to whatever medium they so choose. Playtech manages to pull this off effortlessly, producing a quality game and an even better overall experience with every title they release.

‘A Night Out’ by Playtech

The next online slot game that we’d like to review from Playtech is one of their original themed slot offerings called ‘A Night Out’. This game showcases totally original content ideas developed by the team at Playtech and this is the type of online slot game that the company cut its extremely successful career out of from the very beginning. Put simply this is an extremely fun and brash online slot game. It features more mature themes such as drinking, hot guys ‘n’ girls, and partying so it appeals to both sexes as many of Playtech’s slot titles already do despite its obvious Sex in the City/Cosmo vibe. It literally oozes sex appeal on every spin of the reels and we feel Playtech has done an amazing job bringing this title to life, really doing themselves justice in the process. Where so many other developers fall flat and fail, Playtech seems to excel. This is just one great example of an original idea developed by them into an exciting and fun-to-play online slot game.

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