Betsoft Slot Review - It Came From Venus!

Betsoft slots it came from venus Betsoft slots it came from venus

General Information

Let’s welcome one of the newest additions to Betsoft’s 3D slot roster and a game that’s been making noise from various dark and murky corners of the industry, ‘It Came From Venus!’ Betsoft’s latest online slot offering features the latest technological application in graphics and animations, together with stunning 3D visuals and a veritable audio-gasm of a soundtrack.

When it comes to games of the online slot persuasion, we sometimes feel like developers haven’t done enough to make a game that’s balanced from start to finish. Usually this will be down to the fact that they have sacrificed one part of the game in order to boost another portion, say better graphics but less features for example. From the first few spins of ‘It Came From Venus!’ it was quite easy to tell that this was not the case. In fact, from first glance this game seems to have it all, huge jackpot potential, excellent bonus features, a great original gaming theme and stunning visuals. So without wasting any more time, lets dive deeper into the game and take a look at ‘It Came From Venus!’ in all its glory.

Features and Specifications

The game itself features 5 reels and over 30 pay lines, this is something we’ve come to expect now in most modern online slots. It’s built on the same 3D engine as ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ so the game already comes from excellent stock where the 3D graphics and visuals are concerned. The game is set on a farm in the deep south of the United States. The local rednecks were all minding their own business when all of a sudden they get an uninvited visitor from the planet Venus and all hell breaks loose.

When we talk about features and spec of this game we can start with all the bonus icons and symbols. You have a Random Wild symbol which acts as a random multiplier that boosts you winnings from 2x the amount all the way up to a whopping 10x the amount. Scatter symbols in this game are represented by the ‘No Trespassing’ sign. When this lands in multiples of 3, 4 and 5 you win a cash payout based on your original wager x the amount of scatters that landed.

You also have a food sack symbol which can activate a special bonus round when it appears anywhere on the games reels. This will trigger the ‘Feed Me Free Spins’ feature when 3 of them land at the same time. This is totally random and when this happens they bounce off the reels and into the waiting jaws of the giant Venus Fly trap. This will award you 11 free spins for your luck.

You can also trigger a further bonus round which is called ‘Save the planet’. Land 3 helicopter symbols anywhere on the reels and you will enter the bonus round where you watch in amazement as the army come and air lift the Venus Fly trap away. You then chase the Army and discover 5 top secret crates which hide many different rewards. You can keep selecting crates to win extra prizes until you discover the one with the Venus fly trap inside which effectively ends the bonus round.

Lastly if you manage to land five Venus Fly trap symbols on any pay line you will win the games internal jackpot, 1500 in game coins that are exchanged for real money.

Our Expert Verdict

We found only one major drawback with ‘It Came From Venus!’ and that was the lack of any progressive jackpot attached to the game. Aside of that all of the in game features are of a very high standard and the game play and graphics are excellent. On the subject of the games graphics, the 3D animations and visuals are truly top class. Even though the game doesn’t have a progressive jackpot per say, the ‘Save the planet’ bonus even tis the games main attraction and it does a great job of making the game a worthwhile endeavour to play. Touted by both fans of the genre and hardened online gamblers, ‘It Came From Venus!’ is a one of a kind experience, and if you’re looking for sizeable pay outs and a rich and creamy gaming experience then this is the slot for you!

This review has been proposed by Ronald Gimmeck.

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