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Betsoft slots at the copa Betsoft slots at the copa

General Information

Firstly we always try to give a fair and balanced view when it comes to any of the online slot games were reviewing, so, far from trying to bias the review from the start, we’ll just begin by saying what a charming and pleasurable experience playing this game has been for us. The game draws its inspiration from famous TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with the Stars and has an overall theme that does a cheeky nod to the legendary Copa Cabana, giving it all the justice and mad props it deserves.

Betsoft Gaming is of course the man behind this particular curtain and we’re thrown into a game that features first class graphics and some really cool exotic dancing animations throughout. If you’re a fan of Latin grooves and Salsa dancing, then you will love ‘At the Copa’ and find it entertaining from start to finish. Today we’re going to take a look at the game and examine its features and gameplay. We’ll give our usual unbiased verdict, including whether the games a heavy hitter, or a swing and a miss.

Features and Specifications

‘At the Copa’ features 5 reels and over 30 pay lines and you can bet from $0.02 all the way up to $1. We find this to be the standard in most of Betsoft’s 3D slot games and the first aspect that we’d like to talk about are the games visuals. During the previews of the game it was one of the most widely anticipated features and Betsoft have not disappointed. The amazing graphics on display in this game are all themed around Latin dance, so you have a symbol set made up of beautiful women, exotic musical instruments and various South American themed items. Even the soundtrack has that distinctly South American feel to it and you will definitely catch yourself bopping along to the truly infectious soundtrack without noticing at first.

The game itself is a mix of furious gameplay and an abundance of well-designed and rewarding special features. One huge talking point is the 3 tier progressive jackpot that’s tagged onto the game. In order to be eligible to win the progressive jackpot you must make sure to bet the maximum wager on every spin. Only these max bet spins are eligible to win during the course of the game. If done correctly and you land 5 Chilli Pepper symbols anywhere on the reels, you will trigger the jackpot mode. You are eligible to win 3 distinct jackpots during this phase; with the biggest nicknamed ‘Caliente’ and this particular one will reward you with 430,000 coins equivalent in real cash! The other 2 jackpots phases are named ‘Suave’ and ‘Mediano’ and will reward you accordingly.

The scatter symbol is represented by a pair of dance shoes in this game and if you manage to land 3 or more symbols you can access the free spin bonus round. During this round you receive a bonus multiplier that will increase your winnings anywhere from 2x to 10x the original amount.

The wild symbol in this game is represented by the ocean icon. When activated, this symbol will replace all other symbols on the reels except for any scatter, jackpot or dancer symbols. If the ocean icon lands on the fourth reel, it will turn the reel wild and reward you with multiple free spins. With every win you trigger a further free spins up to a maximum of 5 in total, and all these wins can be multiplied by anything from 2x up to 5x.

The last feature that is present in ‘At the Copa’ is the ‘Dance Comp bonus round’. This is activated by landing 3 dancer symbols one after another while the ‘Lady Dancer’ symbol is visible on the centre reel. Once triggered you must choose a dancer and hope that they win the dance off. If your dancer wins you receive a bonus prize which you can choose to double through on if you like.

Our Expert Verdict

‘At the Copa’ could have been a case of ‘looks can be deceiving’ but luckily for us and the millions of slot fans out there that most definitely isn’t the order of the day where this slot is concerned. Make no mistake this is a very well designed online slot game and offers an experience found vary rarely in games of this genre. The game is literally bursting with great features, amazing graphics and generous bonus offerings that will make it an easy choice for those who love great online slot games.

We would go so far as to say this is probably one of the best online slot games we’ve ever played and certainly one of the best Betsoft games we’ve reviewed. A major factor in this game is the fact that you have access to a huge progressive jackpot with the potential to scoop massive wins if lady luck is on your side. The jackpot size alone makes it an instant number one choice for the hardcore players out there. If you want entertainment by the bucket load and a feature packed slot experience, then look no further than ‘At the Copa’ and give it a few spins, it will not disappoint!

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